Monday, August 8, 2016

NASA deletes curiosity Rover blog to prevent people from discovering the truth that aliens exist. UFO sighting alien news.

Place: Mars, SOL 1290
Camera: Navcam, Right B, taken March 23, 2016, 
Taken: 15:26:01 UTC

Do you ever go fishing? Well this guy did, and he got the big one. That's one is the one that didn't get away. But it certainly got away from NASA. Because this is 100% proof that would hold up in any court of law in the country. One day this photo maybe used against NASA prove that life existed once on Mars.

Did you know that the photo index that once housed these Photos which he found this fish in have now been deleted by NASA? Very few people are aware of this. It happened about three weeks ago. I went to check this photo but the indexing came from was deleted but the photo still remains. NASA has deleted the blog that once House the curiosity rover photos. I guess NASA could not take the truth. You don't believe me check this URL yourself. This site is gone but the individual photo still exist.

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